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NEW Super Jumbo Home Loan Program

Loan Product: Interest Only Loan at 2.25% variable rate
Loan Amounts: $1,000,000 to $25,000,000
Location: Major Metro Areas Preferred, especially in Southern California
Property Type(s): Primary Residence, 2nd Homes or High End Rental Homes
Minimum Net Worth: $10 Million
Loan to Value: Depends on Loan Amount and Property Location
Additional Loan Info: Full Documentation Required
Loan is Interest Only for 10 Years
Borrowers can cross collateralize
other assets if they do not want to liquidate stocks.
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Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out

Capital Line provides a diverse innovative residential lending platform capable of providing Jumbo Loans from $500,000. If you require residential financing above $500,000 we are here to help you.

Jumbo Loan Program

Loan Type: Purchase or Refinance
Occupancy Type(s) Primary Residence, 2nd Home, Investment Property
Mortgage Rate: High 5% - Mid 6% Range (Depending on loan scenario)
Loan Amount Minimum: $500,000 - $3,500,000
  Full Documentation
Credit Score: 700 + Required
Special Feature: Cash Out Option Available
Amortization Type(s): Traditional Financing / 5 Year Fixed Rate or 7 Year Fixed Rate
Location: California or Hawaii

Capital Line Funding Group can be reached at 858-263-2810. Capital Line is a  - a premier provider of both Residential Financing and Commercial Financing across the United States.

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