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Principals, energy producers and project developers: let us help you get your renewable energy project off the ground. If your renewable energy project is viable, we can get it financed. We know you don’t have time to waste - so contact us now and expect prompt feedback on your renewable energy project.

At Capital Line Energy Financing, we secure debt and equity financing for alternative and renewable energy projects. Learn more:

Our Approach to Renewable Energy Financing

At Capital Line Energy Financing, our goal is the same as yours: to ensure successful funding for your sustainable energy project. We achieve that goal through:

  • Careful analysis of your project and your needs
  • Identification of critical issues 
  • Issue mitigation/resolution 
  • Determination of optimal financing structure 
  • Leveraging our established relationships with funding sources

Our success in sustainable energy financing is driven by this unique, consultative approach. We partner with private investors, public companies, financial capital pools, hedge funds, government agencies, banks, and financial institutions. But we are not simply financing matchmakers—we work closely with you to evaluate, and then enhance, your project’s ability to obtain financing. Let us show you how.

Partner for Success in Sustainable Energy

Capital Line Energy Financing leads the renewable energy sector by identifying and securing capital sources to fund renewable, alternative energy projects:

  • Manufacture of bio crude, bio fuels, ethanol products
  • Geothermal plants
  • Natural gas projects
  • Eco-friendly oil refineries
  • Environmentally sensitive petrochemical plants
  • Environmentally safe photovoltaic projects
  • Life-saving artery pipelines transporting natural gas and oil

Sustainable Energy Loan / Financing Parameters

Capital Line Energy Financing underwrites sustainable energy projects ranging in size from $25 million to over $1 billion. Financing strategies and considerations include:

  • Financing through direct corporate investments, e.g., hedge fund or bank
  • Tax investor equity investments
    • A combination of debt and equity 
    • Investment funds from a third-party beneficiary for tax benefits
  • 100 percent direct project investment covering costs only
  • Investment dollars from more than one equity partner to cover all development costs
  • Predevelopment (PD) costs may be included 
    • Land leases, wind Studies, and EPR permits
    • Cost may be reimbursable as part of the construction investment

At Capital Line Energy Financing, our mission is to support the control of carbon emissions, control the effects of global warming, and stem climate change. Capital Line Energy Financing is a socially responsible business providing financing for sustainable, renewable energy today—creating a greener, cleaner tomorrow. Contact us today.   

Sustainable Energy Loan Programs

Power Plant Type(s):
Loan Products: Loan Terms and Lengths Vary Based on the Type of Financing Selected For Your Project
Loan Amount: $25 Million - Over 1 Billion Dollars

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