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Land Loans and Raw Land Loans for Residential Properties

Land Loans on Properties $1 Million and Above

A Land Loan is money lent to purchase raw land. A land loan is one in which one’s security, the collateral, for the note is the unimproved land being purchased. The loan-to-value ratio will always be lower than the LTV required on improved land (lot).

Land loans are considered purchase money land loans and are considered a necessary first step in the construction process.

The land parcel must conform to the general area. Septic tanks, un-policed junk, out door gas tanks, are acceptable if these features conform to the neighborhood.

As with construction loans and hard money loans, Capital Line funds land loans through a Fully Documented Loan Process.

Raw Land Loan Program

Location: Nationwide ()
Minimum Loan Amount: $1 Million
Loan Term: Short term
Loan Type: Fixed Interest
Loan Program: Considered prelude to construction financing.
Maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV): 50%

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