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Interim Loans for Residential Properties

Interim Loans are short-term financing instruments used to provide immediate funds until long term financing may be obtained.

Interim Loans are collateralized by one’s home or extended single family residence of 1-4 units. Interim loans normally are contingent upon an exit strategy which includes subsequent, long-term financing.

Interim financing may be an excellent borrowing device if one needs cash to purchase a new home while awaiting funds from the close of the current residence now being sold.

In the case above, Interim Financing bridges the two properties, the residence being sold and the home being purchased. Interim financing may act as a boom to one’s real estate interests.

Interim Loan Program

Location: California / Hawaii
Property Type(s): Single Family Residence, Extended Single Family Resident (1-4 Units)
Loan Term: Short term, generally 6 months to three (3) years
Loan Type: Interest only
Occupancy Type(s) Primary Residence, Vacation Home, Investment Property
Amortization Type: Interim Loans Do Not amortize
Prepayment Penalties: Yes, generally. Decided on a case-by-case basis.
Special Features: Borrowers are required to have an Exit Strategy

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