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Hydroelectric Power Plant FinancingHydroelectric Power Plant Financing

Hydroelectric Power Plant Development / Construction / Acquisition Financing Structuring

What we can do.

  • Secure debt and/or equity financing for the constructions of a small-scale hydro energy plant in China 
  • Secure debt and/or equity financing for acquisition of a hydro energy plant in Norway
  • Secure debt and/or equity financing of up to $1 billion for the build-out or acquisition of hydroelectric projects around the world

If you have a hydroelectric power plant that needs to be built, acquired or improved, let us evaluate the project. We’ll promptly tell you what we can do to support your hydro energy financing need.
Hydro-electric/Hydro Energy Financing Program

Water is one of the globe’s cleanest renewable energy sources, but the development or acquisition of a hydroelectric plant has significant risks nonetheless. Environmental impacts and useful life of the plant are two primary concerns. At Capital Line Energy Funding, we are looking for hydro projects that fit these parameters:

  • $25 million to over $1 billion in size 
  • Land site has been selected or, preferably, is already owned 
  • Performance guarantee in place 
  • Experienced, savvy management team selected 
  • Power purchase agreements are in place

Hydro financing terms vary significantly from project to project. It is our job to evaluate your project, from risks to strengths, and determine a financing structure that:

  • Addresses your return hurdles 
  • Presents an attractive risk/return profile for the financier

We’ll work closely with you to play up your project’s strengths and mitigate the risks. Let us leverage us our underwriting expertise and our connections within the capital funding markets to locate financial support for your hydro energy project. If your hydro energy project is viable and fits within our spectrum, we can finance it. Contact us to get started.

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Hydroelectric Power Plant Financing

Power Plant Type(s): Hydroelectric
Loan Products: Loan Terms and Lengths Vary Based on the Type of Financing Selected For Your Project
Project Size: $25M to over $1 Billion