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Hard Money Loans

A Borrower turns to Hard Money Commercial Loans when conventional sources are not available. When capital may not be found elsewhere, Hard Money may be a refuge, a safe haven.

One’s inaccessibility to capital may be timing, when Money is needed in a more timely fashion than the banks will provide it; it could be a personal or general credit crises; it may be a result of a difficult situation which has just arisen. For whatever reason you or your business, need money fast. Welcome to hard money.

Hard Money is an option. An important option and sometimes a smart option, if by utilizing hard money one may protect one’s property and/or long-term business interests.

There are Three Important Components in underwriting hard money loans:

  1. Loan To Value
    The LTV will always be lower than on a conventional loan. The lender seeks to lessen risk by holding back more equity.
  2. Debt Service
    For an investment property the net income must be sufficient to cover the proposed loan.
  3. Exit Strategy
    How does the lender get out of this loan. What is your business plan for paying back the loan? Specifically, the lender wants to know one’s repaying the loan in full.

Hard Money Loan Program

Location: Nationwide ()
Property Type(s):
Loan Products: 1 yr - 5 Year Terms available, Purchase Money, Refinancing, Cash-Out Refinancing
Loan Amount: $ 1 Million - $100,000,000
Loan-to-Value (LTV): 50% - 65%
Credit Score: May be low. A lower Credit Score = Higher interest rates
Requirements: Collateral, Exit Strategy and Ability to Repay

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