Capital Line Funding Group

Finance Solutions

Finance comes down to is problem solving. Capital Line Funding Group has demonstrated its ability for finding solutions. If one is viewing the loan process from the outside, it may appear simple: The mortgage broker has but to analyze one’s requirement and offer a product which will satisfy the client’s needs. .

But the devil is often found in the details. This is where professionalism and expertise rise to the top. The fancy way of saying this is, Capital Line finds creative solutions to one’s mortgage needs. Capital Line at heart are problem solvers and money providers.

Capital Line established a unique position in the market place through providing Residential Loans in California and Commercial Loans Nationwide.

Program Benefit
Purchase Gain Equity
Refinance Cash Out/Lower Monthly Payments
Interest Only Maximum tax benefits and cash flow
Stated Income/Asset

No income information necessary

Home Equity Loans Consolidate & Pay-off Higher Interest Rate
Preferred Option ARM Assets liquid for investment opportunities
Super Jumbo Loans Specialists for super jumbo loans in western states
Private Money Loans Sometimes more expensive but necessary
1031 Exchanges Defer capital gains /trade up / large equity gain
Commercial Loans    Financing for non residential properties