Capital Line Funding Group

Bridge Loans / Short Term Commercial Loans

Loan Amounts range from: $1,000,000 - $100,000,000

Capital Line provides commercial bridge programs for developers, owners and real property investors in search of short term (interim) financing. Most Bridge financing may extend from one year to 36 months with possible extensions beyond 36 months.

Bridge Loans, or Bridge Financing, is so named because these loans “bridge” the gap between two events. Bridge Loans are transitional real estate loans for experienced borrowers where quick financing is desired.

There are two types of bridge loans: Closed bridging and Open Bridging.

A closed bridge loan may be observed when a secure date for the exit of the bridge financing is secure and definite; the parties are certain the bridge is to be repaid on a particular date. Being less risky, the lender charges a lower interest rate, fewer points.

An open bridge loan presents higher risks for the lender. This situation arises when there is not an exact exit date. In fact, the borrower may seeking capital, a buyer or another lender (or all three) to take the borrower out of the current bridge loan. The open nature and uncertainty of an open bridge translates into a higher interest rate and higher loan costs.

Bridge Loan Program

Location: Nationwide ()
Property Type(s):
Loan Products: 1 yr - 3 Year Terms available, with possible extensions beyond 3 years
Loan Amount: $ 1 Million - $100,000,000
Amortization: Normal Interest Only
Prepaypent: No Prepayment Penalties
Recourse: Yes, w/exceptions
Closing Costs: Borrowers are responsible for due diligence fees + closing costs

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