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Jumbo Purchase and Refinance 10% Down Payment No Mortgage Insurance Program

Capital Line is able to offer borrowers throught California, in qualifying areas, the ability to purchase larger properties with competitive rates at higher loan to value levels. Best of all, these programs aren't saddling our clients any mortgage insurance!

If you have 10% down on a $1.5m purchase but the income to support your loan, look no further than Capital Line as we can help!

  • Capital Line is able to offer up to 90% financing on purchase transactions up to $1.5m loan amounts with no mortgage insurance!
  • We can offer up to 85% Loan to Value financing up to 2 Million Dolloar loan amounts.
  • Credit Score Varies depending upon Loan to Value and loan amount.
  • Program available throught California.
  • Primary Homes and Second / Vacation Homes

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Bank Statement Loan Program Information

Capital Line is able to offer qualified borrowers throught California loan amounts up to $2M. Our Bank Statement program allows borrows with a 620 credit score to purchase or refinance their primary residences, second homes or investment properties.

  • 12 months or personal-bank statements used to determine income.
  • No tax returns or 4506T required.
  • Credit Score Varies depending upon Loan to Value and loan amount.
  • Primary Homes, Second Homes, and Investment Properties allowed.
  • Cash Out Refinances are available.
  • 12 month borrower prepared P&L validating the income shown on bank statements.
  • Up to 10 financed properties allowed.
  • 25% or greater ownership in business qualifies as self employed as verified by a CPA.

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Foreign National Purchase or Refinance Program

Capital Line is please to announce an updated Foreign National Lending Program that offers foreign nationals here in the United States the ability to purchase and refinance the homes they want to finance.

  • Primary, Second Home or Investment Properties.
  • Up to 60% LTV.
  • International Credit Report with acceptable credit scores is required.
  • 24 months of liquid reserves on all loans must be shown.

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High Net Worth Borrower Asset Depletion Program

Capital Line has a new program using the liquid assets of high net worth borrowers to make sure that they have the ability to get the home financing they require.

Whether you have money in stocks and bonds, savings or in a retirement account we can help you use the money you have saved to ensure you get the financing you require.